Global Ghost Gear Initiative

We're founding the Global Ghost Gear Initiative – a powerful alliance of governments, industry, IGOs and NGOs that will save millions of marine animals and create safer, cleaner oceans.

A new Global Ghost Gear Initiative website is coming soon.




The power of a unified approach

The Global Ghost Gear Initiative aims to unite people with the expertise, influence and power to tackle the problem at scale. Together we will develop solutions for ghost-gear-free seas by:

  • Sharing data, intelligence and resources to understand the scale of the problem and its causes, impacts and trends
  • Expanding and replicating solution projects in areas where ghost gear is a major problem
  • Spotlighting the problem and catalysing efforts to create global, sustainable change.

What to expect

We want to achieve worldwide collaboration and action. The Global Ghost Gear Initiative members will contribute to its design but we expect it to include a few core components:

  • An online data hub to record and analyse ghost gear volumes, geography and trends
  • A virtual communication platform to share intelligence and challenges and showcase existing effective solutions in policy and practice
  • A steering group to oversee development, drive action, evaluate progress and agree priorities.

For more information, please email the team.

Top image: Rescuers untangle a seal caught in a fishing net (NOAA), bottom images (left to right): Michelle de Villiers, Mike Guy/Marine Photobank, Eleanor Partridge/Marine Photobank

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