Moving the United Nations to recognise World Animal Day

The problem

  • Animal suffering is an urgent worldwide concern. Whether it’s the millions of animals missing after natural disasters or the 1 billion stray cats and dogs at risk of being needlessly culled, animals need our help
  • Animals experience pain and neglect. We all have a duty to protect them
  • Millions of people and animals rely on each other for survival and companionship.

The solution

  • It’s time for UN governments to back a UN World Animal Day
  • A UN Day would put animals high on the global agenda
  • It would make animal welfare a global priority.

What we’re doing

  • Nearly 50,000 people have already called on the UN to act
  • In 2013, we moved the UN to include language relevant to animal welfare in two UN General Assembly resolutions
  • As momentum grows, we need even more people to move the UN. To demonstrate the amazing bond between people and animals.

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Make your voice count

50,000 people have already left messages supporting a UN recognised World Animal Day, all in response to these three core principles:

  • Animals experience pain and suffering and we have a duty to protect them
  • Animals have a right to live free from suffering and cruelty
  • Millions of people rely on animals for survival & companionship.

It's no longer possible to leave a message to the UN, however you can still Take Action or contact your local country website for campaigns near you.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" - Mahatma Gandhi

Tell the world:

Celebrity support

Our campaign for a UN recognised World Animal Day received celebrity backing that included:

  • Gold Medalist Winter Olympian: Amy Williams
  • Dancing with the Stars Judge, Producer and Choreographer: Carrie Ann Inaba
  • TV Host, Comedian and Actress: Ellen Degeneres
  • Actor: Ian Somerhalder
  • Chef: Jamie Oliver
  • New Zealand Netball Player and TV Presenter: Jenny-May Coffin
  • Actor: John Hurt
  • Singer and Actress: Kristin Chenoweth
  • Singer Songwriter: Leona Lewis
  • Singer Songwriter: Paul McCartney
  • Comedian, TV Presenter and Writer: Paul O’Grady
  • Actor: Por Thrisadee
  • Author and TV Presenter: Simon Reeves
  • World Record Freediver and Environmentalist: Tanya Streeter
  • Artist, Singer and Actor: Tono Pakin.
Actor Ian Somerhalder with his message to the United Nations