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We know that people visit wildlife attractions because they love animals and many are completely unaware of the suffering that occurs behind the scenes at cruel venues. 

We are working together with responsible travel companies to ensure that tourists can still enjoy those once in a lifetime holiday moments. But never at the expense of the welfare of animals. 25 companies worldwide have already made comittments to us that they will never offer elephant rides again. With your help, we can build a movement and change the industry for good.

Please donate to help us protect wildlife or take action to build the movement and convince more travel companies to commit to a cruelty free future.   


1) Donate today

We have been investigating the worst forms of wildlife entertainment and are now reaching out to individuals, local organisations, venues and travel companies to inspire game changing improvements to the industry.

We will work together to identify tourist venues, develop solutions and close down industries like cruel lion tourism in South Africa.    

Donate today to help us protect animals around the world 

2) Take action for wildlife

With hundreds of thousands of animals estimated to be suffering from the cruel industry, we must act now to put an end to its growth. Together we will reach tourists around the world and move the travel industry to help us break the chain of cruelty. 

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Sadly the industry is growing globally. Cruel wildlife tourism attractions are already rife across South-East Asia and experiences such as elephant rides are now spreading in Africa.

The tourist demand for wildlife experiences is driving the industry. By standing together as a global movement for the protection of wildlife, we have the power reduce that demand and change the industry now.

Your voice will also help us put the issue on the agenda for governments worldwide. In Africa we will be working towards improving legislation and policies with governments and organisations across the continent, such as the African Union.

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