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We know that people visit wildlife attractions because they love animals and many are completely unaware of the suffering that occurs behind the scenes at cruel venues.

So we are working collaboratively with the travel industry and elephant venues to free these elephants from a life of misery. We can also prevent the same tragic fate happening to more elephants, stopping the cycle of abuse. So far 83 companies worldwide have already made commitments that they will never offer elephant rides again, sell elephant rides or shows, including TUI Nederland, Intrepid Travel, Apollo, Albatros Travel and World Expeditions. With your help, we can change the industry for good. 

Please donate to help us protect wildlife and sign the petition to call on Thomas Cook to stop offering elephant rides and shows to their customers.   

1) Donate today

We have been investigating the worst forms of wildlife entertainment and are now reaching out to individuals, local organisations, venues and travel companies to inspire game changing improvements to the industry.

We will work together to identify tourist venues, develop solutions and close down industries like cruel elephant tourism in Asia and Southern Africa.    

Donate today to help us protect animals around the world 

2) Sign the petition

Dear Thomas Cook Group plc,

Please stop selling cruel elephant rides and shows to tourists. These elephants are beaten, chained and forced to entertain tourists. Stop supporting this suffering – sign World Animal Protection's Elephant-friendly tourism pledge.

At the moment the industry is growing globally. Right now approximately 3,000 elephants are suffering in elephant-ride venues across Asia and in Southern Africa.

We are already working with responsible travel companies to keep elephants where they belong - in the wild. With your help we can take another huge step forwards by calling on Thomas Cook Group to sign our Elephant-friendly tourism pledge.

Our Elephant-friendly tourism pledge commits companies to "not sell, offer or promote venues or activities involving elephant rides and shows" and "offer only those (elephant experiences) with a high standard of welfare and conservation". This is a first major step for travel companies to help keep elephants in the wild.

By signing our elephant-friendly pledge, companies make an active commitment to stop promoting these cruel activities, showing the global travel industry that elephant entertainment is elephant abuse. 

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