Ellie Parravani

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Hi, I’m Ellie, the Better lives for dogs project manager for World Animal Protection.

I love all animals, but my real passion is for our four-legged friends – dogs. Dogs and people have lived together as companions for thousands of years. But sometimes dogs can come into conflict with the communities they live in.

Governments may respond to conflicts by inhumanely culling dogs in a misguided attempt to stop the spread of diseases like rabies, or to reduce the dog population. Not only is culling cruel, it’s ineffective too.

My blog will bring you stories from around the world that show how we work with governments and communities to implement solutions to these conflicts. From Peru to the Philippines, you’ll see how the our team is working tirelessly to create better lives for dogs.

Man and his four recently vaccinated dogs in Bangladesh

We can end rabies by 2030

Posted on 06/11/2015 by former employee Ellie Parravani

99% of human rabies cases are contracted through dog bites. So for the 59,000 human deaths that happen every year, tens of thousands of dogs suffer and die...