Gemma Carder

Gemma Carder with a goat

Hi, I’m Gemma, the research manager at World Animal Protection.

I care deeply about all aspects of animal welfare. As a scientist, I believe that we need robust evidence to inspire the people and groups who have the power to make positive change for animals. Having knowledge of the emotional lives of animals is key to help us understand what they need and how we can protect them. It would be hard to make lasting change for animals without truly understanding them.

My blog will bring you some surprising facts and the latest scientific findings about the emotional lives of animals.

Pig behind a fence in Mexico - World Animal Protection - pig sentience

Lazy, filthy pigs? Think again

Posted on 08/12/2016 by former employee Gemma Carder

Pigs are often associated with negative labels such as ‘filthy’, ‘lazy’ and ‘greedy’. But why is the word ‘pig’ used as an insult, and is there any truth to it?

Chicken walking on dusty ground outside in Argentina

Why do we emotionally disconnect from chickens?

Posted on 18/08/2016 by former employee Gemma Carder

Chickens are emotional beings that can feel empathy. So why do so many humans experience emotional disconnection from chickens, and have such complex attitudes...