Scott Cantin

cott Cantin filming for WSPA in an area affected by disaster. Based in Bangkok, Scott is the Regional Communications Manager for Disaster Management.

Former disaster communications manager for World Animal Protection.

Scott joined World Animal Protection 2012, working on the ground managing communications for the disaster response team and connecting our supporters to the animals' stories as without a voice, animals are often the forgotten victims of disasters.

Scott's blogs are stories straight from the field of disaster zones, from individual animal rescues to ongoing work in partnership with governments and local authorities. Taking you through the whole disaster response process. Some of these blogs may cause upset or distress due to their very nature, but it is also full of unexpected and beautiful moments.

A dog with his owner in the aftermath of Nepal’s worst earthquake in 80 years, Kathmandu.

Scars of the earthquakes

Posted on 22/05/2015 by former employee Scott Cantin

For his third blog from Nepal, our guest blogger and volunteer vet Uday Singh Karki describes the continuing struggle for animals and communities in Nepal...

A six-month-old water buffalo calf and two adult female goats in the rubble of their former shelter, Kavre District, Nepal.

No chance to heal

Posted on 15/05/2015 by former employee Scott Cantin

One of our veterinary volunteers, Uday Singh Karki, writes his second guest blog from Nepal after a second major earthquake hit the country in the space of...