Steven Clegg

Steven Clegg

Hi, I’m Steven the disaster operations manager in Asia Pacific.

I am first on the ground when disasters hit and lead our response teams into disaster zones. We do all we can to meet the challenges faced by sometimes horrific conditions to ensure animals are cared for during these times.

I am an animal lover through and through – my pets are my best friends and are members of my family. In my disaster work I meet people who share my concern and love for their animals and are desperate to keep them safe. This passion for animals creates an immediate and very personal bond with animal owners no matter which country or culture I'm immersed in.

Since joining World Animal Protection in 2011 I have had the privilege of giving confidence to our concerned supporters, equally as passionate, that we are doing all we can to help animals not only survive disaster but have a better life as a result of our work. My blog will bring you up close with the conditions faced in the disaster zone and with the amazing stories of the people and animals who we work with to overcome devastating experiences.