The Pecking Order 2022

The European edition of The Pecking Order 2022 explores the animal welfare standards of Europe's largest fast-food chains.

Progress has been real and is changing the lives of chickens by the millions

Every year, The Pecking Order ranks fast-food restaurants on their progress towards this Better Chicken Commitment. The outcome so far is both encouraging and disappointing. Progress has been real and is changing the lives of chickens by the millions, the tens of millions – the hundreds of millions even. Big brands have committed themselves and have started implementation. Because they acknowledge their responsibility for animal welfare – and perhaps also because they care about their reputation and about the expectations of their customers and their staff.

Moreover, they probably appreciate the cost-efficiency of the animal welfare improvements – and see the writing on the wall: legislation will catch up and it makes sense to be prepared.

- Dirk Jan Verdonk, Country Director, World Animal Protection, Netherlands

How the scores add up

The Pecking Order (TPO) criteria are based on the European Chicken Commitment (ECC) and developed in line with the latest animal welfare science.

The brands get points for what is in their policies, how quickly they plan to improve and how they are reporting on progress. Every brand is given a grade from failing up to very good. 

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