Romanian schoolchildren visit Save the Dogs shelter and learn to be good pet owners


433 children spend the day with homeless dogs as part of education plan to reduce number of unwanted puppies in Romania

Educating the public is key to reducing the large number of unwanted puppies on the streets of Romania.

Stray dog numbers are a huge problem in Romania. With your support, we are working with local partners and the government to develop long-term solutions to the problem.

Between May and September last year we sponsored a mobile clinic run by our Romanian partners, Save the Dogs. Through the clinic they treated, sterilised and neutered 640 dogs in 20 villages in the Constanta district. This year we are supporting their education programme.

Teaching responsible pet ownership to the public is key to reducing the large number of unwanted puppies that end up on the streets of Romania. 

Save the Dogs has established a good relationship with schools in the Constanta district. In April, they welcomed 433 schoolchildren to their shelter, “Footprints of Joy”.

Children had the chance to play with homeless dogs and ask questions to the resident vet about pets, animal health and how to look after their pets at home.

Cataline Vaile, at Save the Dogs, said: “The children were very enthusiastic about the dogs. Some of them brought food donations. The most impressive moment was when the pupils gave up their own food sachet in order to feed the homeless dogs at the shelter. Almost all the children were pet owners themselves”.

Children visited the socialization area of the shelter and spent time playing with two dogs called Elias and Fane.

“All the children were so happy connecting with Elias and Fane, and likewise were the dogs. Some of the children fell in love with them and wanted to take them home. We kindly asked them to bring their parents along, so we could have a talk about it and complete an adoption form.”

The shelter houses 350 dogs, all of whom are up for adoption. Save the Dogs hopes to encourage more local families to adopt dogs, as currently about 90% of them are adopted abroad.

Image: Schoolchildren play with dogs at the Save the Dogs shelter in Romania