Protect animals on holiday: ending wild animal abuse for entertainment

Every day, animals suffer in the name of entertainment - help us stop cruel animal attractions once and for all

Hundreds of thousands of wild animals across the world are taken away from natural habitats, forced into captivity and subjected to abuse, both mentally and physically, in the name of entertainment and profit.

We're calling for animal-friendly tourists and tour operators worldwide to work with us to keep wild animals in the wild where they belong.

Your choices on holiday have the power to reduce demand for cruel attractions and save animal lives. We've put together a set of tips to help you and your friends make informed decisions about animal experiences on your holiday. Read our tips for animal friendly travel.

Top image: Wild Asian elephants in a national park in Sri Lanka (iStock. by Getty Images)

Shannon Plummer

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Wildlife. Not entertainers.

We want a world where wild animals live in the wild where they belong. But one of the biggest barriers to this natural freedom is global tourism.

Up to 550,000 wild animals around the world are suffering at the hands of a cruel and relentless industry. Elephants are beaten and abused to be ridden. Tigers are chained in barren concrete cages so tourists can take selfies with them. Lions are torn from their mothers for a lifetime of captivity. Together we can stop this.

An elephant in chains

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