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Report ghost gear for our Sea Change campaign

Millions of sea animals suffer slow and painful deaths as a result of one of the ocean’s deadliest killers, ‘ghost gear’ – lost and abandoned fishing gear. We need to act now. 

Our oceans are vast and one of the biggest challenges we face is finding the gear. We need your help.

When you see or remove any ghost gear, upload your sighting. Your sightings will then appear on the map below. Together, we can demonstrate the global scale of ghost gear and move the world to protect millions of sea animals for generations to come.

Experts agree that ghost gear is a global challenge, impacting millions of animals and only growing in severity. Armed with a worldwide snapshot of the issue, we will move governments and industry to stop it at its source. 

Your action will allow us to identify ghost gear hotspots and direct urgent action to where sea animals are most at risk. We will also be able to demonstrate the most important causes of ghost gear and target our campaign most effectively.  

To find out more about ghost gear, or what to do when you find it, take a look at our FAQs.

Latest ghost gear sightings

  • Quendale Beach, Shetland Islands.

  • Bird Island/Isla San Jorge, Puerto Penasco, Mexico

  • thurlestone beach

  • Holetown

  • 18 Brunstane Road North, Edinburgh,

  • San Franscisco Golden Gate Bridge south pier

  • Exmouth Beach

  • Cuckmere haven

  • Mawgan Porth, Cornwall

  • North Shore off Conwy Golf Club