Food Systems

Ensuring farm animal welfare is top of the list. For good.

We believe that the welfare, treatment and attitude towards farmed animals across the world must change. Forever.

At World Animal Protection, we work tirelessly to ensure farmed animals live good lives by transforming the global food system and attitudes towards farm animal welfare.

We have a combined responsibility to work for a world where respect for animals and nature sits at the heart of our food system, which is equitable, sustainable, resilient, and capable of feeding the world.

Farm animals experience relentless suffering at the hands of the farming industry. It is our mission to implement global solutions to address global problems.

Broiler chickens Factory Farm
Factory farming is a global problem, that requires a global solution. A moratorium on factory farms is urgently needed to safeguard animals, our climate, health and the environment.
Vegan burger
Whether you choose to go vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian, consuming a few animal products can have a big impact on your health, the planet and animal welfare.
Groene investeringen
Money plays a key role in fuelling the factory farming industry which poses great threats to animals, people and our planet.