Help protect animals globally

We can only build a sustainable future if we protect animals – so join us to support a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare and review animal welfare standards worldwide using the Animal Protection Index.

Join the millions worldwide calling for action

Review animal welfare standards around the world

Helping animals helps people – in a huge range of ways

By treating animals well, we can fight poverty, reduce hunger, improve people’s health, tackle climate change and protect the biodiversity of our planet. So we’re working to make sure the vital importance of animal protection is recognised at a global level – and you can add your voice to move the UN to act.

How animals reduce poverty

One billion people who live in poverty depend on animals – for jobs, food, income, transport and social status. Those animals can a play a huge role in lifting people out of poverty. Better animal protection means healthier animals. It means better livestock products. It means fewer infectious diseases for animals and people. And it can mean healthier ecosystems and fewer greenhouse gases too. All of these things can help communities leave poverty behind – for good. 

Achieving global change

Our aim is to put animal protection at the heart of global decision-making, and to help governments see how protecting animals benefits the economy, the environment, food production and social stability. We’re working directly with the UN to put animals on the global agenda.

Poor communities are often the most vulnerable to disasters. We work with governments to prepare, recover and reduce animal suffering so that animals and people are more resilient to disasters.

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An example of good animal welfare practices at an indoor pig farm in the UK. We are using case studies like this to influence and improve standards in pig farming globally.