Billions of wild animals across the world are experiencing unbearable cruelty. Here at World Animal Protection, we believe that wild animals should have the right to a wild life.

Animals in the wild must be protected from cruel exploitation. They must feel safe and secure, and have the freedom to thrive in abundant, lush natural habitats that are protected for the benefit of all.

We are working tirelessly to safeguard wild animals and change the way the world works – to address how animals in the wild are treated and end wildlife cruelty and suffering. Forever.

Born to be wild

Wild animals are born to be wild – not to be used by people or be exploited for profit.

They must be protected, not owned. We must share our planet fairly, with a duty to safeguard wild animals to ensure they thrive for future generations to come.

Tiger i lænker og med klippede tænder
Together we can drive down consumer demand and expose the lies of businesses that profit from cruelty.
Ben Williamson, US Programs Director visits Dana Point to see dolphins in the wild in the newly accredited Whale Heritage Site
Offering business a way out of wildlife exploitation and towards being part of the solution.
World Animal Protection overrækker underskrifter mod den globale handel med vilde dyr til den engelske regering
Ensuring wild animals and their habitats across the globe are legally protected.