The Pecking Order 2020

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Fast food restaurants are causing chicken suffering

World Animal Protection - The Pecking Order - Chickens in a factory farm
Global brands have a responsibility to improve chicken lives everywhere
  • 40 billion chickens are subjected to overcrowded factory farms every year
  • Many will have a space smaller than a piece of paper to live in, in barns often crammed with tens of thousands of chickens
  • They will spend most of their lives sitting or lying in their own waste

Your support is already making a difference. Let’s keep fighting

Thanks to half a million of you who signed our KFC petition, the fast food giant agreed to make a change for chickens. But despite this global movement, change is not coming fast enough.

While brands like KFC made some improvements since last year, others have gotten considerably worse.

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Global companies must take global action

Fast food empires are built on the concept of consistency, but what’s being served to customers in different parts of the world is shockingly different.

Global brands have a responsibility to improve chicken lives everywhere, not just in a few countries, or face calls of hypocrisy.

Why should customers in some parts of the world have to accept lower welfare standards?

What we're asking these brands to do

To stop the inexcusable suffering of billions of chickens a year, these brands must:

  • Give chickens the freedom to move, and stop using cages
  • Use breeds which grow at a healthier, more natural rate
  • Create meaningful environments with the opportunity forchickens to behave naturally
  • Take these actions in all countries

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