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Posted on 12 August 2014
From the 12-30th August, our Dutch team will be asking people to make an online pledge that they will never ride an elephant again.
Posted on 15 September 2015
The appalling cruelty inflicted upon Asian elephants used for tourist rides and shows is now spreading throughout Southern Africa.
Posted on 29 September 2015
Observing these incredible animals in the wild is the best way to fully experience and understand an elephants emotions and empathetic capabilities.
We previously worked in Tanzania helping farmers safeguard produce without harming elephants Farming in elephant habitats We worked in Mikumi and Tarangire
Posted on 08 August 2018
Animal tourist attractions can lead to elephants suffering. Research from World Animal Protection shows that their trainers and keepers are losing out too.
Posted on 10 August 2016
With over half a million people putting pressure on 'the world's largest travel site', and a government looking to ban elephant rides, giant leaps are being
Posted on 02 February 2016
His death comes as a stark reminder that elephants are wild animals, and are not meant to be ridden.