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Posted on 19 December 2018
From saving animals after a Guatemala disaster and ending circus elephants in Denmark, to vaccinating dogs in Kenya and moving a Chinese pork company to
Posted on 23 December 2014
Thank you to all our supporters who made another incredible year for World Animal Protection possible!
Posted on 08 June 2018
Cattle, pigs, horses and chickens are just some of the animals struggling to survive after Volcán de Fuego erupted in Guatemala on June 3. We’re providing
Posted on 08 November 2014
On Typhoon Haiyan anniversary, we've made a special video to update you on the thousands of animals you have enabled us to help in the Philippines.
Posted on 16 December 2014
After Typhoon Hagupit hit the Philippines and volcanic eruptions in Cabo Verde, our disaster response teams have been deployed to help animals.
Posted on 15 March 2017
Many of the world’s farm animals are owned by women, and natural disasters affect farm animals more than any other. We spoke with our Africa disaster
Posted on 07 March 2017
Goats, sheep, horses and cattle suffering in harsh winter weather known as a ‘dzud’ will get emergency help over the next few months
Posted on 02 October 2015
Around the world countless animals are affected during droughts, flooding, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and hurricanes.