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Posted on 19 June 2019
With help from us and some leading travel companies, ChangChill – formerly Happy Elephant Valley – has become elephant-friendly and stopped visitors directly
Posted on 05 October 2015
Thomas Cook Group is now claiming that they no longer offer elephant rides and shows to any of their customers – but this simply isn’t true.
Posted on 24 November 2016
We have urged the Chief Minister of Bihar, India, to stop the illegal trade of elephants at the Sonepur fair
Posted on 17 September 2015
Considering everything we know about the emotional lives of animals, I can’t help to be dismayed when I hear that the number of elephant ride attractions are
Posted on 14 June 2018
We’re proud to be working with Elephant Haven in the South of France, Europe’s first ever sanctuary for retired circus elephants
Posted on 29 May 2018
Happy Elephant Care Valley in Chiang Mai is shifting away from cruelty and becoming an elephant-friendly attraction. Together with some of the world’s most
Posted on 06 December 2017
We’ve developed a new business model to help make elephant tourist attractions in Thailand safer for elephants, by shifting away from cruel and unnatural
Posted on 14 October 2016
With our support, Germany's DRV publishes information to help steer tourists towards elephant-friendly alternatives
Posted on 07 July 2017
Our new report reveals that the captive elephant industry for elephant rides and performances continues to grow in Asia. Please unite for the herd today, to
Posted on 14 November 2014
Lotus Travel and Albatros will no longer offer elephant rides or other wild animal attractions to customers as a result of our campaign.