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Posted on 18 June 2018
After an emotional, uncertain few months, authorities have agreed to free Rangila the bear from a substandard zoo in Nepal. We helped rescue Rangila from the ‘
Posted on 25 April 2017
We’re campaigning for Carnival Cruise Lines to stop sending tourists to Cayman Turtle Centre. It is the only attraction in the world farming endangered sea
Posted on 15 March 2017
Many of the world’s farm animals are owned by women, and natural disasters affect farm animals more than any other. We spoke with our Africa disaster
Posted on 07 March 2017
Goats, sheep, horses and cattle suffering in harsh winter weather known as a ‘dzud’ will get emergency help over the next few months
Posted on 26 September 2016
We presented ‘The implications of animal protection for the financial sector’ at one of the largest global gatherings of enforcement, government, legal and
Posted on 02 October 2015
Around the world countless animals are affected during droughts, flooding, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and hurricanes.
Posted on 05 June 2018
We’re diving into Home Street, the mobile gaming app, to spread the word on lost and abandoned fishing gear, one of the most harmful threats to wildlife in our