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Posted on 04 March 2015
Our statement in reference to HRH Prince William’s recent visit to China.
Posted on 13 May 2016
Travel companies have a critical role to play in determining the fate of wild animals in the tourism industry. Thankfully, some are beginning to take on their
Posted on 20 May 2016
After hearing about our call to TripAdvisor to stop profiting from wild animal abuse, City Discovery took the initiative and stood up for wildlife themselves.
Every day, animals suffer in the name of entertainment - help us stop cruel animal attractions once and for all Hundreds of thousands of wild animals across
Posted on 03 July 2015
Adventure travel company World Expeditions has set new, higher standards for animal protection in their travel program.
. It's time to stop profiting from wildlife cruelty in tourism. . As a leader in the travel industry, you know that traveler expectations change...
Sadly, many wild animals who people take selfies or photos with are subjected to cruelty - and it's not always easy to spot.
Posted on 31 January 2017
American travel company Your African Safari (YAS) contacted us for advice and support in making this bold move after learning of TripAdvisor’s recent
Posted on 03 April 2017
Thomas Cook has dropped a host of cruel, captive animal attractions
Posted on 05 November 2015
Thank you to everyone who voted for us to be awarded the Responsible Tourism People’s Choice award at the World Travel Market exhibition.