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Hi I'm Julie, head of the Wildlife - Not Entertainers campaign at World Animal Protection. I have been campaigning to protect wild animals in the tourism
Posted on 16 June 2016
After a year of asking, and over 330,000 people demanding action, we finally got to meet with TripAdvisor last week. We discussed how they can help protect
We aim to improve animal welfare and stop animal cruelty across the world. Find out more about the work we do to protect animals.
Posted on 22 April 2016
I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of encountering lions and tigers in the wild, and it’s hard not be awed and humbled by such an experience.
We work around the globe to protect and save wild animals - to keep wild animals away from cruel wildlife tourism and remain in the wild where they belong.
Posted on 25 September 2015
The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are about to be put into action. Our lobbying efforts have given animal protection a significant
Thanks to World Animal Protection supporters, TripAdvisor will stop selling tickets to some of the cruellest tourist activities. Join the movement now:
Hi, I'm Nick Stewart, acting global head of the Wildlife Not Entertainers campaign at World Animal Protection. I’ve been drawn to work in wildlife and natural
Hi I'm Kate, the global wildlife director at World Animal Protection.
Posted on 08 June 2018
Cattle, pigs, horses and chickens are just some of the animals struggling to survive after Volcán de Fuego erupted in Guatemala on June 3. We’re providing