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Posted on 04 December 2017
Our Wildlife Selfie Code campaign has successfully influenced one of the biggest social media sites to educate its users around the suffering wildlife selfies
Posted on 13 December 2017
Our research shows that when sloths are taken out of their natural habitat to be handled by tourists, it damages their health and mental wellbeing
Posted on 18 December 2017
Wild animals are increasingly being exploited for selfies in Peru. We went undercover to see first-hand the shocking suffering these animals endure
Sadly, many wild animals who people take selfies or photos with are subjected to cruelty - and it's not always easy to spot.
Posted on 20 October 2017
Footage from our undercover investigations shows a sloth being forced into a sack by illegal loggers after falling 100 feet to the ground. You can help end
Posted on 04 October 2017
Our ground-breaking new report reveals the exploitation of sloths, caiman, anacondas, and more, who are used for tourist selfies across Latin America
Our new report, ‘A close up on cruelty: The harmful impact of wildlife selfies in the Amazon', reveals the alarming trend of taking selfies with wild...
Posted on 21 December 2017
As we welcome the new year, we’re reflecting on the impact we’ve had on animals around the world during 2017
Posted on 04 January 2018
We’ve been working with local school children in a popular destination in the Amazon, to highlight the importance of sustainable tourism for wildlife