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Humans have been sharing their homes with domesticated animals for millenia. But a darker side of the pet trade has exploded in recent times: exotic pets.

Cruelty and suffering is unavoidable in the catching or breeding, sale and ownership of these wild animals.

For African grey parrots, one of the most illegally trafficked birds, a life in captivity is a life of misery.

Parrots, otters and tortoises might seem like great pets, but they're not. Keeping them in captivity is cruel

We're asking you to become a wildlife protector, by pledging not to buy wild animals as pets.

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We know people often purchase exotic pets because they’re animal lovers. Animals bring joy to our lives, so it’s understandable that we’d want them to be part of our home.

Many exotic pet owners, however, are unaware of the daily suffering their animals endure.

We encourage everyone to appreciate and respect wild animals where they belong – in the wild. We should only share our homes with domesticated animals who’ve evolved over thousands of years to be our companions, and whose needs can be completely met as pets.

Sign our pledge, and help us protect wildlife by keeping them where they belong. In the wild.

Indian star tortoise in its natural habitat, in India

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