Why World Animal Protection?

We're on a mission to change the way the world works to end animal cruelty and suffering. Forever.

For over 70 years we have been campaigning to end animal cruelty and suffering. In this time, we have grown in both size and influence. We have helped raise the profile of animal welfare on a global scale, making significant improvement in the way farmed and wild animals are treated.

Always animals first


Everything we do at World Animal Protection starts and ends with the animal. We make every animal’s story the core focus in our campaigns, decisions and ambitions for change in the world.

Whether we’re ensuring farmed animals can be spared cruel confinement systems or ensuring wild animals can lively freely in the wild, we make their perspective understood by more people around the world. 

We make animals the main benefactors of our hard work and it pays off for us all.

Change powered by people

Stop Animal Cruelty

People power is at the heart of what we do and is vital to our success.

By mobilising our active global network we have convinced major brands such as Expedia, Trip Advisor, Booking.com and Virgin Holidays to stop selling cruel wildlife experiences. We moved Instagram to educate its users on the suffering behind wildlife selfies and galvanised over one million people to demand an end to the global wildlife trade.

To protect farmed animals we have moved major brands like Nestlé, Starbucks, KFC and Brazil Foods to improve the lives of the animals on which their businesses depend.

By empowering people to champion animal protection, we will create a groundswell of people who will not stop until we all succeed in ending animal cruelty.

Global ambition

A captive tiger cub at Sri Racha Tiger Zoo, Thailand

Our ambition is to radically change the way the world works, and how wild and farmed animals are treated. We have no time to lose. 

Our food system is broken. Factory farming is the biggest cause of animal cruelty in the world. We are working to create a humane and sustainable food system and end factory farming. Forever.

Across the world, wild animals are treated as commodities and ruthlessly exploited on an industrial scale. We are working to transform the systems that fuel this never–ending exploitation and commodification, so that all wild animals have the right to a wild life.