Steve McIvor, CEO, World Animal Protection

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A campaigner at heart

Steve has held senior roles at several animal charities, where he generated huge change around the world. He’s been our chief executive since May 2016.

Before becoming chief executive, Steve was our International Director of Programmes.

This role led him to become deeply connected to each one of our campaigns across our four areas of work: animals in the wild, animals in communities, animals in disasters, animals in farming.

Even more importantly, he’s connected to our mission and is driven to protect animals.

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Steve has previously worked at:

  • The Body Shop International, where he ran award-winning campaigns on issues such as conservation, domestic violence, and human rights
  • Compassion in World Farming, where he led the corporate engagement programme
  • British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV), where he led a successful campaign to ban cosmetic testing on animals in the EU

Steve regularly meets the animals we work hard to protect

Face-to-face with cruelty, Steve visited elephant venues in Thailand, where he witnessed the cruelty these majestic animals face just to entertain tourists.

Watch the video below to hear his thoughts:

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