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A vibrant new era for World Animal Protection

Tricia Croasdell has been actively engaged in environmental and climate not-for-profits for many years. As the Global CEO of World Animal Protection, she brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of experience, poised to lead impactful changes to change the lives of wild and farmed animals.

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Tricia has previously worked at:

  • UK Government: Served as a civil servant specialising in Campaigns and Communications.
  • WWF: Contributed to global initiatives for institutional funding.
  • UK Country Director, World Animal Protection: Invigorated fundraising efforts and led successful campaigns.
  • 10 Downing Street: Held pivotal roles, including Director of Communications for HM The Queen’s Commonwealth Summit, driving impactful policy and communication strategies on a global scale.

Dedication to animal welfare

Tricia’s love for animals is deeply rooted in her childhood experiences with her grandfather on his farm. These early memories of helping with farm duties and learning to respect nature have been instrumental in shaping her dedication to animal welfare.

Growing up in South Africa, Tricia witnessed the power of collective action and believes that by working together with supporters and activists globally, we can transform the lives of animals, benefiting both people and the planet.

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Meet our new Global CEO, Tricia Croasdell.


Get to know Tricia Croasdell, the new Global CEO of World Animal Protection, starting June 2024.

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