Intensive livestock farming harms people, animals and the planet

Ahead of the 2021 Finance in Common Summit, we are writing to all Public Development Banks to urge them to stop bankrolling unsustainable agriculture. 

The scale of its damage is far reaching:

  • Food security: Worldwide, 77% of agricultural land is used to grow and feed livestock, yet it provides just 17% of calories
  • Climate change: In 2050, the livestock sector will account for 80% of the world’s allowable greenhouse gas emissions
  • Biodiversity: Livestock production is the single largest driver of biodiversity loss, with animal feed crops taking up 40% of the world’s arable land
  • Zoonotic diseases: Industrial livestock operations are major drivers of zoonotic disease emergence such as swine flu, bird flu and Ebola
  • Antimicrobial resistance: 75% of the world’s antibiotics are used on farm animals, contributing to antibiotic resistance in human medicine
  • Smallholder livelihoods: Public development bank investments in factory farming create unfair market competition and robs small producers of access to valuable land, water and forest resources
  • Animal welfare: Most animals in industrial livestock farming are kept in small or overcrowded cages, unable to exhibit their natural behaviours

We’re asking all Public Development Banks to:

  • Halt all financing for industrial livestock production
  • Develop a policy that excludes financing for industrial livestock companies from their lending portfolios


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