A billboard set up outside of GetYourGuide's head office calling to demand the company stops promoting and selling cruel tourist activities involving animals.


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GetYourGuide, a Berlin-based online travel agency and marketplace for tour guides and excursions, claims to offer 'a revolutionary approach to tourism.' However, there is nothing revolutionary about selling exploitative wildlife attractions.

Stand Against Animal Suffering in Tourism

We have reached out to GetYourGuide, urging them to develop an animal welfare policy. Unlike other organisations such as Airbnb, they have ignored our requests.

While they may not prioritise what is right, they do care about public perception.This is where you come in.

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Simple actions you can take to protect wild animals

  1. Refuse to use GetYourGuide's services until they commit to a comprehensive animal welfare policy.
  2. Demand that GetYourGuide revise their policies and stop selling tickets for these cruel attractions.
  3. Use our TikTok sound to amplify awareness and inspire others to join the boycott.

How GetYourGuide is failing wildlife

In 2023 we launched the Real Responsible Traveller Report which reviewed global leaders in the tourism industry on their animal policies and wildlife offers. GetYourGuide was one of the worst brands profiting from selling and promoting harmful and exploitative circus-style performances and interactions.

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In the report, we chose to focus on four species categories - dolphins, elephants, primates, and big cats. These animals were chosen due to their complex ecological, social and behavioural needs, their high levels of sentience and their common use in tourism entertainment.

Did education help GetYourGuide change for the better?

No. In our 2024 survey, we found they are still selling tickets to some of the worst wildlife venues in the world. But you have the power to influence change.


ourists bathing with, climbing and sitting on an elephant, making the animal do unnatural poses for photo purposes. The mahout is holding an elephant hook very visibly during this session.

Making Misery

How GetYourGuide profit from animal cruelty

A World Animal Protection survey of GetYourGuide's offerings reveals the travel company is selling to some of the worst captive wildlife venues in the world.

Looking for a GetYourGuide discount code?

Unfortunately, many travelers who seek out experiences, enticed by GetYourGuide discount codes and promo codes, are unaware of that this company is fueling animal cruelty by profiting from attractions that keep animals captive and the distressing interactions they are often forced to endure.

Captive wild animals are not able to fully engage in natural behaviours, impacting both their physical and psychological welfare. Wild animals are sentient beings that experience positive feelings and emotions such as contentment and joy, as well as negative ones such as pain, fear, boredom and frustration.

A GetYourGuide promo code isn't worth the guilt

By choosing companies that choose not to exploit animals, you can enjoy your travels with a clear conscience, knowing you are not contributing to their suffering. They say #MakeMemories; we say #MakeMemoriesNotMisery

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GetYourGuide FAQS

Is GetYourGuide legitimate?

Yes, GetYourGuide is a legitimate and widely used platform founded in Berlin, providing travel activities worldwide. Despite its legitimacy, it's important to note that they promote harmful and exploitative wildlife interactions, which many travelers may find troubling.

Is GetYourGuide reliable?

Travelers considering using GetYourGuide should be aware that some of the irresponsible wildlife experiences that GetYourGuide sell on the platform. These can be exploitative and harmful to animals, so it's crucial to choose your travel marketplace responsibly.

Is GetYourGuide safe?

GetYourGuide is not a safe choice when ethical considerations come into play, as some of the wildlife activities promoted on the site involve cruelty and exploitation. Travelers are encouraged to boycott companies that profit from animal cruelty.

Is GetYourGuide trustworthy?

GetYourGuide's  their involvement in selling and promoting harmful wildlife interactions, such as circus-style performances and elephant rides, may be concerning for those who prioritise ethical travel practices.

How GetYourGuide is Failing Dolphins

GetYourGuide is failing dolphins. The main concern for marine mammals, like dolphins, is the artificial and baron nature of their captive environment. No facility can replicate the vast reaches of the ocean that these animals traverse.

How GetYourGuide is Failing Elephants

How GetYourGuide is failing elephants. Venues offering any type of visitor interaction with elephants are likely to be associated with cruel practices and unnecessary suffering. Activities such as petting or riding elephants require the trainer to establish dominance, and this often requires painful or traumatic training techniques.

How GetYourGuide is Failing Primates

How GetYourGuide is failing primates. Primates are incredibly intelligent animals and are hard to keep stimulated in a human environment. They are likely to become bored and frustrated, which leads to psychological problems and abnormal behaviour like self-mutilation. In addition to poor mental welfare, these attractions put primates at physical risk. Non-human primates are susceptible to human diseases and contact with tourists puts them at risk.

How GetYourGuide is Failing Big Cats

How GetYourGuide is failing big cats. Exploiting big cats for tourism leads to severe restrictions on their welfare. These animals typically needs large areas of land to roam and have complex behavioural needs that are difficult to address in captivity.

Depriving them of the large home ranges and social structure they need often makes them behave abnormally. Interactions with tourists can further increase stress, which can lead to more behavioural abnormalities and reoccurring health issues.

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