For wildlife, people and the planet

The situation is urgent

COVID-19 is not the first pandemic devastating lives as a likely result of zoonosis, and it won’t be the last, unless we end exploitation of wild animals and restore a healthy balance with the natural world.

Industry leaders, influential individuals, visionaries and high-profile personalities around the world, we need your help to protect wildlife, people and the planet.

Please watch the two minute video above.

Whether legal or illegal, the global wildlife trade is inherently cruel, and what's more, close contact between captive wild animals and people is a dangerous cocktail that can lead to outbreaks of diseases like SARS and COVID-19.

More than 70% of emerging zoonotic infectious diseases come from wildlife, meaning the demand for wild animals puts us all at risk.

Global problems require global solutions

We're strongly urging world leaders to take action to end the global wildlife trade. They have the power to protect us from future catastrophes.

In addition, every one of us can help achieve change through decisions we make in everyday life. We can’t leave this to chance.

A global wildlife trade ban is the only answer.

Continue scrolling to see what action you can take to lend your support and to help inspire others. Your participation in any or all of the three actions is extremely appreciated.

Action one: Support our call to end global wildlife trade, forever

Newborn blue-and-yellow macaws in their nest - World Animal Protection
Action one: Support our call to end global wildlife trade, forever


We've already achieved over 1 million petition signatures for our campaign. That's over 1 million people calling on G20 world leaders to ban global wildlife trade forever. The G20 is an international forum for governments from 19 countries and the European Union.


Share a link to our petition with your followers on social media and encourage them to add their voice. In the link below you’ll find template text for your post, together with a selection of images and video clips that you're welcome to use. It’s fine to copy, paste and edit text, add @tags or emojis, or create your own post to fit your tone and style if you prefer.


Share your post anytime from today. The sooner the better! Your support will give the petition and campaign a fantastic boost. Tag us in your post so we can share it and say thank you.

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Action two: Help stop demand for captive wildlife

Vermoedelijk is het coronavirus van een schubdier overgedragen op de mens.
Action two: Help stop demand for captive wildlife


If you're part of the music, film, television, theatre, design, or advertising industry, you can make a #Promise4Wildlife as an individual or as a company. Your promise will be a commitment to never or to never again use captive wildlife for a creative or commercial project.

As well as directly helping reduce demand for provision of captive wildlife, your promise will help shift public and industry mindsets to keep wild animals in the wild.

Huge thanks to members of the music community who have already shared a #Promise4Wildlife, we hope this is the start of an incredible change.

How: for individuals

Make a #Promise4Wildlife to never or never again tolerate the use of captive wild animals in productions or projects you’re involved with. Post your #Promise4Wildlife on social media to show your support for a wildlife trade ban and to promote the message that wild animals belong in the wild. Then just stick to your promise, it's as simple as that!

Template text and an image selection for your promise post is available through the link below. You can adapt / personalise text or feel free to create your own post and incorporate #Promise4Wildlife. Tag us in your post so we can share it and say thank you.

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How: for companies

Make a ground-breaking company-wide #Promise4Wildlife to never or never again use captive wild animals for a creative or commercial project. Demonstrate your company values by helping to protect wildlife, people and the planet.

A template policy wording document is available for you to utilise or adapt for internal use, as well as a Q&A resource about the use of captive wildlife and how it connects to wildlife trade. We would love to collaborate on a timely and impactful media release with the first group of major companies who commit to a #Promise4Wildlife. Let’s talk!


Individuals: Share your #Promise4Wildlife anytime from now onwards. Don’t forget to use #Promise4Wildlife and tag us so we can share your post and thank you.

Companies: Contact us ASAP if you're open to making a ground-breaking company-wide #Promise4Wildlife, we’re excited to hear from you and have support materials ready to share. Please email

Action three: Advocate for life in the wild

Orangutan in a tree - World Animal Protection - Animals in the wild
Action three: Advocate for life in the wild


Help generate widespread recognition about the importance of keeping wildlife in the wild, and inspire others to help end the wildlife trade.


Your platform and influence enable you to bring attention and credibility to a cause or message in a way that no other type of advertising can.

You can lead by example and advocate to keep wild animals in the wild by sharing messaging through your personal projects, initiatives and lifestyle choices. You’ll find a few ideas to get you going in the link below.


You can share a message anytime that suits you. It could be subtle messaging through an action you take or lifestyle choice you make, or it could be something more direct. This is a self-sustained, long-term way you can help protect wild animals and help shift-mindsets to end the global wildlife trade.

We will always be on hand to discuss ideas if helpful, and we can provide you with resources if and when you need them.

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A heartfelt thank you for visiting our influencer page and for using your platform to protect wildlife, and to help build a better world.

If you have questions, support ideas, or if you'd like to keep in contact, please email our high-profile relations lead

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