Livestock visit the remaining watering hole during the severe drought in Chihuahua, Mexico

Another award nomination for animal protection on the global stage



Last week we were nominated for an International Development award - in another step forward for the global recognition of the importance of animal protection in disasters.

I am continuously inspired by the work my colleagues do around the world. Their stories galvanize me and provide the evidence I need to advocate for change. Our short film on our work in Chihuahua, Mexico captures one of my favourite stories.

So it was with great pride that we attended the Bond International Development Awards ceremony last week, as the film was shortlisted for the Positive Collaboration Award.

Protecting animals and livelihoods in Chihuahua, Mexico

Most people in Chihuahua, Mexico depend heavily on agriculture and livestock for their livelihoods. In 2012, they faced the consequences of a two-year drought and three successive failed farming seasons. Many animals died as pastures dried up or became heavily overgrazed. Crops had also been devastated by extreme low temperatures and frosts.

Solutions were urgently needed to protect farmers’ remaining animals and to secure people’s resilience and long-term economic prospects against climate change effects.

Over the last three years in Aldama we have been working closely with the District Municipality, the Agriculture Secretariat, local communities, universities and research centres finding solutions. It has been an incredibly inspiring collaboration.

Animal protection and international development

Our work in Mexico brought together veterinarians, farmers, governments and academics. And this is exactly the kind of collaboration that the Positive Collaboration Award celebrates – successful projects that are driven by innovative, even unexpected, partnerships. 

It’s not always obvious to people how animal protection links to international development. Although we didn’t win (a huge congratulations to Conciliation Resources for their inspiring peacebuilding initiative in Kashmir) – having our work in Chihuahua shortlisted was one step along the road to increasing understanding and recognition of the crucial role animal protection can play in international development.

You can watch our film above or read more about our work in Mexico here.

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