Locals stand beside a damaged section of the road with a goat after Cyclone Idai

Cyclone Idai: We race to help up to 200,000 animals in Southern Africa


Our response team has launched into action to save farm animals and pets in Mozambique and Malawi. Idai is one of the worst tropical cyclones on record and has caused catastrophic damage

More than 750 people and thousands of animals have tragically died as a result of the disaster. Hundreds of thousands more have been affected. 


A child holds a chick after being evacuated from the isolated district of Buzi following Cyclone Idai, in Beira, Mozambique. Photo by Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP.  

Our expert team is providing medical assistance to some of the worst-affected animals, and ensuring they have food and water. We’re also on standby to respond in Zimbabwe.  


Houses, farmland and roads – as well as the animals in these areas – have been swept away by severe floods. Huge areas of land are underwater. 

Surviving animals are sick, injured and starving. Many animal owners have had no choice but to flee, so animals have been left to fend for themselves.  

They’re in desperate need of our help, and we’re working fast to assist as many as possible. 


Residents stand on rooftops in a flooded area of Buzi, central Mozambique, after the passage of Cyclone Idai. Photo by Adrien Barbier/AFP.  

At risk of disease 

Stranded animals are at risk of developing deadly diseases from parasites.  

Animals trapped in dirty water for prolonged periods are also in danger of developing other painful ailments such as foot rot and lung infections.   

Dr. Edwin Nkhulungo, a government veterinary officer responsible for southern Malawi, said: "The floods in these areas may have longer lasting effects on animals, especially with regard to disease incidences and khola destructions."

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The floods in these areas may have longer lasting effects on animals, especially with regard to disease incidences and khola destructions.