Mike Baker speaks at the House of Commons for the launch of Common Ground

Global animal welfare education resource launched at House of Commons


We've launched an education pack on animal welfare to be used alongside sustainable development teaching around the world

Around 60 people were invited to the House of Commons in London on Wednesday for the launch of our exciting new learning resource: 'Common Ground: Education for Sustainable Development and Animal Welfare'.

Common Ground gives teachers practical activities using our work to bring animal welfare issues to life through literacy, the arts, science and geography.

Mike Baker, our CEO, said: "More and more people are becoming aware that animals are a core part of the world around us.

"Any practical, sustainable solution to some of the most pressing problems facing us - from climate change to food security to public health - will require an intelligent and compassionate approach to animal welfare as part of the solution.

"These materials provide practical activities for teachers to build animal welfare into education about sustainable development, within the larger context of Humane Education. This includes education for citizenship, international development and social justice."

A focus of the event was to highlight the strong link between animal welfare and sustainable development. Animal welfare education can be used as a stepping stone to discuss other big issues such as climate change. It can also help towards building more resilient and sustainable communities, such as in knowing how to prepare for animals before a disaster.

The pack is already being used to train teachers, in partnership with local education authorities, in Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam and Kenya. It has been endorsed by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation), which will help to bring the project to a much wider audience of teachers.

Among attendees at the event were several MPs, Special Advisors, an MEP and organisations including: Compassion in World FarmingThe BrookeDogs TrustWhale and Dolphin Conservation and SPANA.

Common Ground will be available online through Animal Mosaic, our online resource bank for teachers and animal scientists. You can also email our education team to request a copy.

Learn more about our education on animal welfare.

Sustainable solutions to our most pressing problems require an intelligent and compassionate approach to animal welfare.