Mongolia is experiencing extreme weather conditions known as a dzud. We're providing help to animal owners - World Animal Protection - disaster management

We’re providing nearly 350,000 cold, starving Mongolian animals with emergency aid


Goats, sheep, horses and cattle suffering in harsh winter weather known as a ‘dzud’ will get emergency help over the next few months

Animals in Mongolia are freezing and struggling to find food which is buried beneath thick snow covering half the country.

Temperatures reach as low as -40c at night, and the grass they need to eat can’t grow properly during these severe conditions. Animal owners are still recovering from the devastating 2016 dzud, making it harder to feed and keep their animals warm as they are now hit with yet another.  

Striking, yet deadly

Despite the picturesque backdrop of blue skies and vast white snow, much of Mongolia is a deadly place for animals right now.

Animals photographed in affected parts of Mongolia may seem serene, roaming their striking surroundings, but looks can be deceptive. They can’t find food and time is running out for them.


Animals search for food in the snow in Mongolia

In the 2010 dzud, millions of animals died.

We have to act fast, or a repeat of this tragedy could be imminent. 

Delivering vital emergency nutrition

We’re providing emergency nutrition relief packs to 1,740 households in six provinces. Each pack helps sheep, goats, cattle and horses, and includes:

  • 10 kg of milk powder
  • 1 litre of fish oil
  • 3 kg of vitamin supplement
  • 8 kg of mineral blocks.

The creation and distribution of these packs would not be possible without kind donations from our supporters.

Working in partnership

During February, we’ll distribute these vital nutrition packs in parallel with the Mongolian Red Cross with the financial support of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)—the world’s largest humanitarian organisation -- and USAID.

IFRC resident coordinator, Mr. Enkhjin Garid, said:

“We are all working towards the same goal. In Mongolia, we can’t help people if we don’t also help their animals.”

A strong connection

Earlier this year, Mongolian herders told us stories of their animals’ struggle during the dzud. Animals are the only source of income for some. They’re a very important part of many Mongolian people’s lives.


Two provincial veterinarians rescued this goat who was stranded in snow and ice

We recently revisited a woman called Mrs Davaa, who has about 70 sheep and goats and 10 cattle. Her animals are always deficient in salt and minerals. The mineral blocks and milk powder we provided last year for these animals made the difference between life and death.

Our international response manager, Steven Clegg, said:

"It was immediately evident how important these animals were in these herders lives. Her son proudly showed us one of the lambs he saved from the unforgiving winter conditions.”

You can help

Thanks to your support, we have been able to give aid to millions of affected animals in disaster zones like Mongolia. Please donate today and help us protect as many animals as we can and give local communities their best chance of a quick recovery.

It was immediately evident how important these animals were in these herders lives. Her son proudly showed us one of the lambs he saved from the unforgiving winter conditions, - our international response manager, Steven Clegg

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