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Wildlife-friendly pledge

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The future of tourism is wildlife-friendly

Discover travel companies all over the world boldly committing to move away from selling and promoting cruel wildlife entertainment.

What is wildlife entertainment?

Wildlife entertainment includes keeping or using wild animals for activities that:

  • risk portraying or trivialising them as pets, novelty objects, comedians, or domesticated species,
  • encourage animals to perform behaviours that are either unnatural, unnecessary, or harmful,
  • may risk replication of similar activities in harmful ways in other places,
  • involve settings or procedures that may be considered stressful or harmful to all or individual animals,
  • expose visitors or handlers to unnecessary risks of injury or disease,
  • are commerce-driven beyond sustaining maintenance of the animals at facilities striving to phase-out captive wild animal keeping.

These companies have made a commitment

A commitment to move away from selling and promoting activities that use captive wild animals as entertainment such as riding or bathing elephants, taking a tiger selfie, walking with lions, or swimming with dolphins.

By working with World Animal Protection they are helping transition the travel industry towards a wildlife-friendly future.

World Animal Protection recognises that change can’t always happen overnight, but will hold companies to account if they are not fulfilling their commitments to phase out cruel wildlife entertainment.

If you travel with any of these companies and you were offered (at your own expense) wildlife entertainment activities, please make your complaint to the travel company directly, and report this to us via tourism@worldanimalprotection.org.

Each one of these companies:

  • Believes tourism can be a force for good and can help keep wildlife wild. As a responsible travel company, we recognise the links between wildlife protection, human health, and a responsible and resilient travel industry.
  • Understands the link between pandemics, like COVID-19, and wild animal exploitation, and that the relationship between tourism and wildlife needs to change for the good of people, world economies and animals.
  • Recognises that building back the travel industry more resilient and more responsibly is vital. As we face unprecedented challenges and routes to recovery due to COVID-19, we want to be part of the solution for our business, our communities and for travellers.
  • Understands that tourists love animals and want to experience them on holidays but are not aware that across the world hundreds of thousands of wild animals are held in captivity and subjected to mental and physical suffering and exploitation for experiences such as elephant rides, tiger selfies, walking with lions or swimming with dolphins.

As wildlife friendly, they pledge to:

  • Review our product offers to determine if we are supplying anything where wild animals are being used anywhere primarily for entertainment.
  • Create a time-bound plan to help protect wild animals by influencing significant changes in supplier practices and/or phasing-out wildlife entertainment from our promotions and offers.
  • Adopt an animal welfare policy for our business and share this policy with customers and staff.
  • Provide our customers, if possible, with responsible wildlife offers where animals in the wild, at genuine sanctuaries or wildlife-friendly settings have the freedom and ability to exhibit a wide range of natural behaviours and tourists can observe them from a safe and respectful distance.
  • Promote responsible tourism amongst our customers to enable them to be wildlife-friendly travellers and advocates.


This list is not exhaustive and is regularly updated. Contact us at tourism@worldanimalprotection.org if you know, or are, a travel company that does not sell or promote wildlife entertainment; we would love to work with you and add you to our list of wildlife-friendly travel companies.

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Below you will find the list of Travel Companies that adhere to the Wildlife-Friendly Pledge

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AAT Kings logo

AAT Kings

Adventure Tours logo

Adventure Tours

Adventure World logo

Adventure World

African Travel logo

African Travel

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Albatros Travel logo

Albatros Travel

Alekos Rejser logo

Alekos Rejser

Amazon Emotions logo

Amazon Emotions

Andaman Discoveries logo

Andaman Discoveries

ANVR logo


Apollo logo


Aroma Nepal Treks and Expedition logo

Aroma Nepal Treks and Expedition

Asiatic Lion Lodge logo

Asiatic Lion Lodge

Asien Paradisresor logo

Asien Paradisresor

A Trails logo

A Trails

Aussie Adventures logo

Aussie Adventures

Avifaunca Naturresor logo

Avifauna Naturresor

Awake Travel logo

Awake Travel

Baboo travel logo


Bamba travel logo


Bambus Rejser logo

Bambus Rejser

Bangkok Beyond logo

Bangkok Beyond

Blackbuck Safari Lodge logo

Blackbuck Safari Lodge

Booking.com logo


Bravo Tours logo

Bravo Tours

BRDO travel logo


Brendan Vacations logo

Brendan Vacations

C & C Travel logo

C&C Travel

Carrousel Travel logo

Carrousel Travel

Compassionate Travels logo

Compassionate Travel

Contiki Travel logo


Costsaver logo


Destination America

Destination America

Diverse World Adventures logo

Diverse World Adventures

Down Under Tours logo

Down Under Tours

Dragonpass logo


Dusit International logo

Dusit International

Earth Changers logo

Earth Changers

Eco Tour Camp logo

Eco Tour Camp

Earthwise Travel logo

Earthwise Travel

Enjoy Travel logo

Enjoy Travel

Estacao Gabiraba logo

Estação Gabiraba

European Travel International logo

European Travel International

Evan Evans logo

Evan Evans

Exemplary Voyages logo

Exemplary Voyages

Exodus Travels logo

Exodus Adventure Travels

Far Away Adventures logo

Far Away Adventures

Ferie Med Formal logo

Ferie med Formål

G Adventures logo

G Adventures

Geckos Adventures logo

Geckos Adventures

Global Basecamps logo

Global Basecamps

Globetrotter logo


Globus logo


Go See Travel logo

Go See Travel

Gondwana Brasil logo

Gondwana Brasil

Gindwana Ecotours logo

Gondwana Ecotours

Grand European Travel logo

Grand European Travel

Haggis Adventures logo

Haggis Adventures

Haka Educational Tours logo

Haka Educational Tours

Hannibal Travel logo

Hannibal Travel

Headwater logo


Helen Bateman Travel logo

Helen Bateman Travel

Highland Explorer Tours logo

Highland Explorer Tours

Hojskolendk logo


Ichhe Dana logo

Ichhe Dana

Indigo Travel logo

Indigo Travel

Insight Vacations logo

Insight Vacations

Inspire Me Travel logo

Inspire Me Travel

Intrepid logo


iyooyoo logo


Jambo Tours logo

Jambo Tours

JNE Group logo

JNE Group

Joker Travel logo


Kenzan Tours logo

Kenzan Tours

Ker Downey Africa logo

Ker Downey Africa

Kinalotsen logo


Koning Aap travel logo

Koning Aap

Koon Holidays logo

Koon Holidays

Las & Res logo

Läs & Res

Lion World Travel logo

Lion World Travel

Lotus Travel logo

Lotus Travel

Luxury Gold Travel logo

Luxury Gold

Medini Home Stay logo

Medini Home Stay

Miles Tourism logo

Miles Tourism

Minihiker logo

Minihiker Borderless School

MK Tramping logo

MK Tramping

Mountain Cats travel logo

Mountain Cats

MUDA travel logo


Nalini travel logo

Nalini Safari & Tours

Natur Resor travel logo

Natur Resor

Navyush travel logo


Nazar Nordic travel logo

Nazar Nordic

Northern Holiday travel logo

Northern Holiday

Nourishing Light Nature Education

Nourishing Light Nature Education

Oden Resor travel logo

Oden Resor

PEAK travel logo


Peregrine travel logo


Perfectly Planned Journeys travel logo

Perfectly Planned Journeys

Pinks Travels logo

Pinks Travels

Planeterra logo


Purpose Travel logo

Purpose Travel

relaksmisja travel logo


Responsible Travel logo

Responsible Travel

riksja travel logo

Riksja Travel

Rolfs Flyg & Buss travel logo

Rolfs Flyg & Buss

Safari Resor travel logo


Sawadee travel logo


Secret Paradise logo

Secret Paradise Maldives

SEIT travel logo


Shamocker Adventures travel logo

Shamrocker Adventures

Shoestring travel logo


Silver Linings travel logo

Silver Linings

SIVA Travel Services logo

SIVA Travel Services

Solresor travel logo


Somaiya Group logo

Somaiya Group

SPIES travel logo


STC Expeditions logo

STC Expeditions

Sustainable Journeys logo

Sustainable Jouneys

Swed Asia Travel logo

Swed Asia Travel

The Adventure Crowd travel logo

The Adventure Crowd

The Family Adventure Company travel logo

The Familty Adventure Company

The Flapper Life travel logo

The Flapper Life

The Travel Corporation logo

The Travel Corporation

Tjäreborg travel logo


Tour Compass travel logo

Tour Compass

Tour for More travel logo

Tour For More

Tourism Cares travel logo

Tourism Cares

Trafalgar travel logo


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Travel 2 U logo

Travel 2 U

Travel Corporation Asia loog

Travel Corporation Asia

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Travel Phuket

Traversing Africa logo

Traversing Africa

Tread Right Foundation travel logo

Tread Right Foundation

Tribe Family Adventures logo

Tribe Family Adventures

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Trip Deals travel logo

Trip Deals

Tully Luxury Travel logo

Tully Luxury Travel

Turismo de Experiencia EU Pratico logo

Turismo Experiencia EU Pratico

Uniworld travel logo


Urban Adventures by Intrepid travel logo

Urban Adventures, Intrepid

Varldens Resor travel logo

Världens Resor

Vegan Travel Asia

Vegan Travel Asia

Viare travel logo


Viktors Farmor travel logo

Viktors Farmor

VING travel logo


Viva Traveler

Viva Traveler

Vivejar travel logo


volontarresor travel logo


Voyage Sauvage travel logo

Voyage Sauvage

We Travel Responsibly logo

We Travel Responsibly

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Wilderness Travel logo

Wilderness Travel

Wildlife Expeditions travel logo

Wildlife Expeditions

Wildly Adventures travel logo

Wildly Adventures

Wildness to Ours travel logo

Wildness to Ours

Winberg Travel logo

Winberg Travel

Wolf and Co travel logo

Wolf & Co

Woods at Sasan travel logo

Woods at Sasan

World Challenge travel logo

World Challenge

World Class Adventures logo

World Class Adventures

World Expeditions travel logo

World Expeditions

Yougrown Travel Academy travel logo

Yougrown Travel Academy

Zoom Fotoresor travel logo

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