Algoa Bay i Sydafrika er udnævnt til Whale Heritage Site

Whale Heritage Sites

Heritage Sites

A global accreditation scheme developed by the World Cetacean Alliance.

Whale Heritage Sites are outstanding destinations recognised for providing and celebrating responsible and sustainable wild whale and dolphin watching.

Whale Heritage Site locations:

  • Hervey Bay, Australia
  • Bluff, Durban, South Africa
  • La Gomera marine area, Southwest Tenerife, Spain
  • Dana Point, California, USA
  • Algoa Bay, South Africa
  • The Azores, Portugal
  • Plettenberg Bay, South Africa
  • Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica
  • Santa Barbara Channel, USA
  • Madeira, Portugal

Accreditation requirements

To qualify for this global accreditation, candidate destinations must meet set criteria which recognise their commitment to cetacean conservation through responsible wildlife interactions and sustainability, these include:

  • Encouraging respectful human-cetacean coexistence
  • Celebrating cetaceans
  • Environmental, social and economic sustainability
  • Research, education and awareness

A useful guide for tourists

Whale Heritage Site status provides tourists with an easy way to select responsible whale and dolphin watching destinations; places where people can experience cetaceans in their natural habitat and in an authentic and respectful way.

The Whale Heritage Sites scheme offers the travel industry a route to protect marine wildlife and support sustainable practices.

Find out more about Whale Heritage Sites and World Cetacean Alliance

Header image credit: Lloyd Edwards / Raggy Charters