Media contacts

Wherever you are based, our global media and communications team will help you find the information you need.

If your media enquiry is not related to a country office below, please contact International Media Team.

Media contacts worldwide

Kai Akram, global media lead, based in New York

Lucy Wanjiku, communications manager  

Fran Kearey, communications manager

Sonia Lopez, communications manager

Elizabeth Sharpe, communications director

An Shuang, press and communications

Jason Muir, press officer

Mikkel Tofte Jorgensen, press and social media manager

Shashwat Raj, communications manager

Femke van der Veen, press manager

Lise-Lott Alsenius, communications manager

Suvimol Boontarom, head of communications, marketing and fundraising

George White, communications and media officer

Carla Pisarro, communications manager