Klook is one of five leading travel companies highlighted in the Real Responsible Traveller report that are severely failing wildlife.

Klook is an online travel agency based in Hong Kong. On their website, they describe themselves as the place where 'you can find joyful experiences for anytime, anywhere', yet, they sell exploitative wildlife attractions across a wide range of wild animal species, including dolphins, elephants, primates, and big cats.

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You have the power to help us tell Klook that we won’t stand for animal suffering in the tourism industry. If we stand together and show we won't support wild animals used for exploitative entertainment, Klook will listen and change their policies and end ticket sales for these attractions.

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@KlookTravel @KlookGlobal is promoting tickets to venues where wild animals are forced to perform for tourist entertainment. #RealResponsibleTravel means never booking your holiday with travel companies that continue to profit from wild animal suffering.

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