Tim Hortons and Burger King commit to improved chicken welfare

North American fast-food giants, Burger King and Tim Hortons, to give millions of chickens better lives


The announcement made this week by Restaurant Brands International (RBI), the parent company for these two iconic brands, will positively impact the welfare of millions of chickens in North America. You have played a pivotal role in achieving this change for chickens

The commitment by RBI means that chickens used by its North American restaurants will grow at a slower, more natural rate. They will have more space and will benefit from enriched environments featuring, for example, better lighting, higher quality litter, and perches.

The company made this landmark decision after more than 100,000 people signed our petition urging Burger King, and six other major fast-food companies, to improve the lives of chickens in their supply chains.

RBI's Responsible Sourcing Commitments web page states that the company will work with animal welfare experts to achieve these changes by 2024.

"This is a fantastic move for better quality of life for farmed chickens," says Jonty Whittleton, our global director for animals in farming.

"This commitment will have a huge impact for chickens in North America. It sends a powerful signal to food businesses around the world that meaningful change for chickens is not only possible but vital."

Good for animals, good for business

Burger King and Tim Hortons are the latest companies in a growing movement reflecting a change in consumer demand for more humanely produced goods.

As consumers learn more about the inhumane conditions and suffering that factory-farmed animals endure, they are demanding more humanely produced goods, which is changing what we buy in restaurants and on supermarket shelves.

At the end of 2016, Compass Group USA, Aramark and Panera Bread became the first major North American brands to announce that they are working with their suppliers to commit to healthier, slower-growing chickens.

Change for chickens

Right now, billions of chickens raised for global consumption live in dark, barren sheds. Bred to grow so fast their bones and hearts can’t keep up, they suffer painful lameness, sores and other health problems.

We are challenging other major fast-food companies to follow Burger King, Tim Hortons and other industry-leaders to improve the lives of chickens.

"With the success of the cage-free egg movement, North American consumers have shown that animal welfare is important to them in their food purchasing decisions," says Jonty.

"This new commitment for chickens is the right thing for RBI, Burger King, and Tim Hortons to do for chickens, for their customers and for themselves. This is a brilliant start for RBI and we hope to continue to work with them as they transform the lives of chickens," Jonty continued.

Learn more about our Change for chickens campaign, and how we’re working to improve the lives of billions of chickens suffering in industrial farms.

This commitment will have a huge impact for chickens in North America. - Jonty Whittleton, our global director for animals in farming.

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