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How you helped to protect animals in November


The holidays may be fast approaching, but you're fighting harder than ever to protect animals. Here are seven incredible things you helped us to achieve last month.

🐥 You asked Burger King Brazil to stand up for chickens

Our Brazil team held an offline activity in front of São Paulo’s most popular Burger King store to raise awareness about the cruelty chickens suffer through this chain.

🐬 You moved Expedia to stop selling tickets to dolphin and whale shows

After two years of campaigning, lobbying and building a pod of supporters, we have moved Expedia Group to stop profiting from dolphin cruelty. This is a huge victory for whales and dolphins around the world. Thank you!

🐯 You urged the Thailand government to stop a tiger zoo opening

26,000 of you took a stand for tigers by urging the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) of Thailand to stop the opening of a new tiger zoo.

🐥 You asked New South Wales Government to support a proposed battery cage phase-out for hens

We held a protest outside New South Wales’ (NSW) Parliament House calling on Adam Marshall, the NSW Agriculture Minister, to support a proposed battery cage phase-out for hens.

🦘You moved an online sales platform in the Netherlands to stop selling kangaroo products

Bol.com will stop selling kangaroo products in response to our campaign calling on them to end cruel sales. They have vowed to tighten up their animal welfare policy, which means that items with kangaroo may no longer be offered by sales partners on their online sales platform.

🐷 You showed children in the UK that there’s no fun on a factory farm

Set against the COP26 backdrop, we created arguably the worst toy in the world – the ‘factory farm playset’. The set accurately depicts the cramped, cruel and unnatural living conditions livestock endure. If children can see that factory farming doesn’t make sense, why can’t we?

🐯 You moved a European game show to end cruel tiger use

The successful European TV game show, ‘Fort Boyard’, has announced it will stop using tigers and other wild animals in their production, following pressure from our Denmark team.

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