Response to Australia shark cull

Response to Australia shark cull


A culling of sharks is taking place in Western Australia. As a result, many of you have been in touch to show concern for the animals.

As World Animal Protection, we do not support the needless culling of animals whatever the scale and we work actively to protect marine animals worldwide. Our Senior Wildlife and Veterinary Advisor, Dr. Jan Schmidt-Burbach, has released the following comment regarding the cull:

“There are preventative and humane ways to manage Human-Wildlife Conflict situations, which are much more effective and sustainable than reactive inhumane responses, such as the culling of protected white sharks in Western Australia. 

“Wild animal culls should only be considered as a last resort and only after independently reviewed studies by qualified people and best available science to establish the need of a culling programme. We advocate humane solutions such as aerial patrols, public education and shark avoidance as effective alternatives to the needless and ineffective culling of these majestic creatures.”

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“Wild animal culls should only be considered as a last resort

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