Wild elephant in Tanzania

Thomas Cook have stopped promoting elephant rides and shows


This brilliant news comes after nearly 175,000 of you signed the petition to demand that they stop contributing to the cruel industry.

An amazing 174,091 people from all over the world signed our petition calling on Thomas Cook to stop selling and promoting elephant rides and shows. And as a result, Thomas Cook have stopped offering elephant excursions from this season’s promotions, and are planning to audit their entire range of wildlife experiences.

Promotions for elephant rides and shows should by now have been removed from all of their websites.

Thomas Cook have over 22 million customers each year – their influence on the tourist industry (and the animal attractions within it) is huge, so this is real progress. But we want to make sure that Thomas Cook doesn’t slip back into selling elephant rides and shows. Therefore, we are asking our supporters let us know via email, Facebook or Twitter if you see any Thomas Cook promotions of elephant rides and shows so we can get them removed.

We will not release the pressure. We will be working with Thomas Cook to ensure they stay true to their statements and continue to phase out elephant rides and shows.

We’re also meeting with Thomas Cook staff and travel industry regulators to ensure that elephant welfare is adopted by tour operators and also ensure that long-lasting solutions for elephants are found and met.

Thank you again to everyone who signed the petition. This could not have been achieved without you. You’ve shown Thomas Cook that tourists will not tolerate the cruel abuse of elephants. Please keep up your support – it will lead to the proper care and protection that all elephants deserve.

Find out more about our Wildlife. Not entertainers campaign.

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