We welcome Ringling Brothers’ decision to end elephant use in shows


We are thrilled that Ringling Brothers, one of America's largest circus companies, will take the historic step of ceasing to use elephants in its shows.

We welcome the news that the iconic American circus Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will end the use of elephants in its shows by 2018. This is a monumental step forward for the company and a critical victory for wild animals used for entertainment.

Our U.S. Executive Director, Priscilla Ma, says,

“Every day, around the world, elephants and other wild animals suffer in the name of entertainment. They belong in the wild, and we hope that this groundbreaking action will inspire other companies to end their use of wild animals for entertainment purposes. We also hope that Ringling Brothers will continue to phase out the use of all wild animals in its shows.”

We move the world to protect and save wild animals – and to keep them in the wild, where they belong.

Learn more about our latest campaign Wildlife – not entertainers, and join our movement to put an end to animal cruelty in the tourist entertainment industry.

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