Julie Middelkoop


Former head of Wildlife. Not Entertainers. campaign at World Animal Protection.

Julie has campaigned to protect wild animals in the tourism industry since starting at World Animal Protection in 2011. Initially working locally, raising awareness among Dutch people - known for their "wanderlust" - and Dutch tour operators. Julie is proud of the fact that tour operators in the Netherlands are amongst the most animal-friendly in the world.

Starting to work further across Europe in 2015, leading the campaign at an International level along with other World Animal Protection country teams, Julie created a global movement of individuals, travel industry giants, and government stakeholders, all working together to protect wildlife.

Julie blogs about wildlife campaigns, partnerships with travel companies, and wildlife venues, and most importantly, shares the positive change our work has on the lives of wild animals.

"It's my dream that one day I will be able to go travelling without having to witness any wildlife cruelty and that other travellers will only want to experience wild animals in the wild, where they belong."

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