Following Giants become truly elephant-friendly in 2019

Supporting Elephant Venues


Our commitment to supporting elephant venues

Venues that offer tourists a chance to watch elephants in genuine sanctuaries give us hope that we can encourage the urgently-needed shift in the captive elephant tourism industry.

A vision for elephants

Our mission is to ensure the welfare and well-being of these majestic creatures while promoting responsible and sustainable elephant tourism. Discover how our innovative solutions are driving positive change and creating a future where elephants can thrive in a safe and dignified environment.

Learn about our comprehensive strategies, engaging partnerships, and impactful campaigns that advocate for humane treatment and responsible management of elephant venues.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of elephants and the communities they are a part of. Join us in our journey to protect and support these incredible animals.

Explore our work and find out how you can get involved:

Support and resources to become a wildlife friendly organisation

Travel & tourism

World Animal Protection can support your business to become animal-friendly & meet customer needs while ending captive wildlife entertainment for good.

Responsible Travel Companies Pledged to Protection Wildlife

Travel & tourism

Discover travel companies around the world taking a pledge to become wildlife-friendly, refusing to promote and sell tickets for cruel animal attractions.

Elephant friendly tourist guide

Travel & tourism

Find out how to be an elephant friendly tourist and discover venues worldwide adhering to the highest standards of truly ethical animal welfare.

Protecting Elephants in Tanzania

World Animal Protection previously worked in Tanzania helping farmers safeguard produce without harming elephants

How World Animal Protection supports animal sanctuaries

Innovative solutions

Discover our work helping venues transform to genuine, ethical animal sanctuaries, and find out how to spot a genuine sanctuary or rescue centre.