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Animal awareness days


At World Animal Protection, we love any excuse to celebrate animals.

Here we have compiled a list of official and unofficial animal awareness days observed around the world, nationally, and internationally.

Animal awareness days calendar 

January animal awareness days

Bird Day (US) - January 5
Bird Day, or The Big Garden Birdwatch (UK) - last weekend in January
Zebra Day - 31 January

February animal awareness days

World Pangolin Day - third Saturday of February
World Whale Day - third Sunday of February
World Bonobo Day - February 14
World Hippopotamus Day - February 15
International Polar Bear Day - February 27

March animal awareness days

World Wildlife Day - March 3
Buzzards Day - March 15
National Panda Day - March 16
World Sparrow Day - March 20
World Frog Day - March 20
International Seal Day - March 22
World Bear Day - March 23
Manatee Appreciation Day - last Wednesday in March

April animal awareness days

World Aquatic Animal Day - April 3
World Stray Animals Day - April 4
International Beaver Day - April 7
Bat Appreciation Day - April 17
International Pallas's Cat Day - April 23
World Tapir Day - April 27
International Hyena Day - April 27
World Vet Day - last Saturday in April

May animal awareness days

World Tuna Day - May 2
International Leopard Day - May 3
Wild Koala Day - May 3
Bird Day (US) - May 4
World Donkey Day - May 8
World Migratory Bird Day - second weekend of May
Endangered Species Day - third Friday of May
World Bee Day - May 20
World Fish Migration Day - May 22/October 24
World Turtle Day - May 23
World Otter Day - May 25
World Parrot Day - May 31

June animal awareness days

World Oceans Day - June 8
International Lynx Day - June 11
National Cougar Day - June 12
World Sea Turtle Day - June 16
World Croc Day - June 17
World Giraffe Day - June 21
World Camel Day - June 22

July animal awareness days

Shark Awareness Day - July 14
World Chimpanzee Day - July 14
World Orca Day - July 14
World Snake Day - July 16
International Tiger Day - July 29

August animal awareness days

International Clouded Leopard Day - August 4
International Moon Bear Day - August 8
World Lion Day - August 10
World Elephant Day - August 12
World Hirola Day - August 12
International Wolf Day - August 13
National Honey Bee Day - August 15
World Orangutan Day - August 19
World African Wild Dog Day - August 26
International Whale Shark Day - August 30

September animal awareness days

International Vulture Awareness Day - first Saturday of September
International Primate Day - September 1
Japan Dolphin Day - September 1
World Manta Day - September 17
International Red Panda Day - third Saturday of September
International Tamarin Day - September 22
World Rhino Day - September 22
World Gorilla Day - September 24
World Cassowary Day - September 26
World Rabies Day - September 28

October animal awareness days

World Farmed Animals Day - October 2
World Animal Day - October 4
International Migratory Bird Day (Mexico, Central and South America, Caribbean) - second Saturday in October 
International Sawfish Day - October 17
World Okapi Day - October 18
International Sloth Day - October 20
National Reptile Awareness Day - October 21
International Wombat Day - October 22
International Snow Leopard Day - October 23
Freshwater Dolphin Day - October 24
International Gibbon Day - October 24
World Fish Migration Day - October 24/May 22
World Lemur Day - last Friday of October

November animal awareness days

National Bison Day - first Saturday in November
World Anteater Day - November 19
World Fisheries Day - November 21
International Jaguar Day - November 29

December animal awareness days

International Cheetah Day - December 4
Wildlife Conservation Day - December 4
International Animal Rights Day - December 10
Monkey Day - December 14

FAQs about animal awareness days

What are animal awareness days?

Animal awareness days are days of celebration designed to improve the welfare of animals around the world by raising awareness of important topics through education.

How do I celebrate an animal awareness day?

There are many ways in which you can celebrate an animal awareness day, donating to World Animal Protection is a great way to support the work we do to protect animals. There are many ways to donate including a one-off donation, a recurring direct debit, or even a gift from your salary. You might also consider hosting a fundraising event at your school or in your town, you can even leave a gift in your will.

Does anything happen on global animal days?

On animal awareness days around the world people often celebrate by raising awareness of important animal topics such as the welfare of animals in farming food systems, or the rights of wild animals to remain wild. You can read more about the important we World Animal Protection does here.

How can I get involved with an animal day?

Volunteering your time at a local animal charity or donating much needed supplies is a great way to get involved with an animal awareness day. You may even wish to adopt or foster a pet in need from your local animal shelter, and if you can’t adopt an animal in real life, you can always adopt or sponsor an animal virtually.

How can I support an animal day?

Sign a petition and share a campaign on your social profile. And why not buy some beautiful animal themed gifts from your local World Animal Protection web-store, that’s birthdays sorted!

Who starts animal awareness days?

Animal awareness days are created by individuals, animal charities, governing bodies, and many other types of founders to celebrate the brilliant and wonderful creatures we share this planet with.

Can I create an animal awareness day?

Why not! If you can’t find a day that already exists for your favourite animal, why not create and celebrate your own. We’d love to hear from you about your animal day festivities.

What animal days are celebrated in my country?

There are so many animal awareness days celebrated around the world, you should be able to find a day celebrated in your country in the list above.