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Posted on 19 December 2018
From saving animals after a Guatemala disaster and ending circus elephants in Denmark, to vaccinating dogs in Kenya and moving a Chinese pork company to
Posted on 23 December 2014
Thank you to all our supporters who made another incredible year for World Animal Protection possible!
Posted on 16 August 2016
Our new survey reveals Chinese people are willing to pay more for higher welfare pork
Posted on 22 February 2016
Last week European Parliament’s Committee on Environment, Food Safety and Public Health voted for antibiotics to be restricted and used more responsibly on
Posted on 18 October 2018
Over 213,000 of you have signed up to help get mother pigs out of cages and into groups. Thank you! Ending confinement is vital but more is required to give
Posted on 11 May 2017
We’re urging fast food restaurants around the world to follow Subway’s positive lead and improve the life of chickens in their supply chains
Posted on 25 November 2016
We’re urging the Indian Government to improve the lives of millions of dairy cows and buffalo, after our latest opinion poll revealed overwhelming support for
Posted on 18 August 2016
Chickens are emotional beings that can feel empathy. So why do so many humans experience emotional disconnection from chickens, and have such complex attitudes
Posted on 25 January 2016
The recently published fourth edition of the Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW) shows that companies, including Burger King, Domino’s Pizza
Posted on 12 February 2015
Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and Coop Group (Switzerland) received top marks in the brand new, third edition of the Business Benchmark for Animal Welfare.